2 reasons: Remember back in school when you were first taught about levers and leverage?  They showed you a rock (load) sitting on one end of a seesaw looking contraption while a guy pushed down on the other end to leverage the rock off the ground.  We learned that if the fulcrum (the thing underneath the seesaw it balances on) between the rock and the guy could be moved closer to the rock – and therefore farther away from the guy – it was easier to lift the rock!

The section of seesaw between the fulcrum and the rock is called the load ARM; the section between the fulcrum and the guy is called the EFFORT ARM.  The LONGER the Effort ARM the easier it is to move a load…  “LongerArm!”  In our situation the seesaw is a pool pole, the rock is our brush, the hand positioned at the middle of the pole is the fulcrum, and the other hand at the top end is the guy.  One way to put more pressure on the brush with less effort is to move the hand in the middle (fulcrum) closer to the brush. My arm wasn’t long enough to move much closer so I needed a “LongerArm.” J